28 September, 2020 | Health, Solutions

What started as a collaboration with the Concello de Valdoviño in mid-March has become a new line of research for Gairesa. We would like to mention that this project started almost by chance, when the Concello de Valdoviño, where our factory is located, asked us to supply a disinfectant solution for the use of its administrative staff and municipal services of first necessity, such as the Local Police or Civil Protection. Given the seriousness of the health situation, we did not hesitate for a minute and we set out to donate to our City Council all the amount of hydroalcoholic solution that we could manufacture with the stock of raw materials we had at that time. It was from that event that we began to investigate different ways of developing disinfectant products, studying the biocides authorized for use on human skin and in sanitary, commercial or industrial environments.

Today we can say that Gairesa has disinfectant products for hand cleaning with antiseptic efficacy demonstrated by analysis in certified laboratories.

Fighting COVID-19 Maintaining proper hand hygiene has become one of the main recommendations of health authorities to reduce the risk of transmission of infections by microorganisms, particularly the SARS-CoV2 virus that has caused the current coronavirus pandemic. This is why we should wash our hands with soap and hot water as often as necessary throughout the day, especially if we are in contact with people or objects outside our domestic environment.

How to use a hydroalcoholic gel?

It is precisely outside the home where access to hand washing with soap and water is sometimes difficult and, consequently, the usefulness of hydroalcoholic gels and solutions appears. These should be used on dry, clean and healthy skin for their activity to be optimal and to fulfill their antiseptic action. According to all health recommendations, a sufficient quantity should be used (between 3 and 6 ml) and the hands should be rubbed for at least 30 seconds with the gel or hydroalcoholic solution, reaching the less accessible areas such as the spaces between the fingers and under the nails, as indicated in the UNE-EN 1500 standard on antiseptics and disinfectants for hands and as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the following infographic:


How does a hydroalcoholic gel work?

In the case of hydroalcoholic gels and solutions, the biocidal agent is alcohol (ethyl, isopropyl or a mixture of both), but for them to be effective, the alcohol concentration must be greater than 60%. In addition, the higher the alcohol concentration and the ability of the gel to spread and absorb into the skin, the greater its antiseptic capacity will be. Apart from the biocidal agent, in this case alcohol, the manufacturer can include in its formula other ingredients that improve the behavior of the hydroalcoholic gel so that its antiseptic efficacy is as high as possible, bearing in mind that it must be a product that respects our skin, leaving it moisturized and without irritating, even after repeated use.

GAIRESA antiseptic products

The GAIRESA disinfectant products comply with European standards of antiseptic efficacy for clean hands, having passed the laboratory tests certified under the UNE-EN 1500, UNE-EN 1276 and UNE-EN 1650 standards. GAIRESA manufactures and markets an ANTISEPTIC GEL, with an alcoholic concentration of 73% by volume, and an ANTISEPTIC SOLUTION, with an alcoholic concentration of 84% by volume, the latter being the formula recommended by the WHO to combat the transmission of viral infections such as the COVID-19. GAIRESA incorporates in its formulas additives of vegetable origin that moisturize and respect the natural pH of the skin.

Distribution Formats

The disinfectant products for healthy skin manufactured by GAIRESA (HYDROALCOHOLIC ANTISEPTIC GEL and HYDROALCOHOLIC ANTISEPTIC SOLUTION) are distributed in the following formats:

  • Pocket (100 ml)
  • Spray (750 ml)
  • Bottle (5 litros, 10 litros, 25 litros)