What do we do?

GAIRESA develops and produces a wide variety of systems based on synthetic resins, mainly epoxy and polyurethane, although our well-known range of water-based acrylic coatings and effective methacrylate adhesives are other major specialities. Our business model is based on the development of innovative chemical products with high quality standards and aim to offer performance and durability that qualitatively differentiate them from the rest. The application sectors of our chemical products are very varied: civil engineering, architecture, decoration, renewable energies, sanitary coatings, naval, automotive, logistics, aeronautics, sports (canoeing, tennis, fishing, etc.)… Our solutions are based on offering the highest quality and durability in continuous coatings and adhesives used in everything that surrounds us on a daily basis, both at industrial and residential level: floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, decks, facades, garages, car parks, bridges, historic buildings, swimming pools, furniture, machinery, pipes, channels, tanks, reservoirs, food silos, dams, water treatment plants, farms, factories, warehouses, urban transport, markets, shops, hospitals, laboratories, and countless other applications. We are specialists in offering new chemical products with the most technically advanced solutions for innovative flooring, waterproofing, structural joints and special coatings.
Innovation in the Chemical Industry
Centro químico de investigación y desarrollo

Why are we different?

GAIRESA is a manufacturer of innovative and industrial chemical products in Spain specialising in polymer science. We apply our knowledge and all the know-how acquired over more than 40 years to serve different markets and compete on equal terms with the large multinationals in our sector despite having less financial power . This ability to compete on equal terms with companies much larger than us is due to the fact that at GAIRESA we focus on developing the most technologically advanced and durable solutions, unlike the well-known multinationals, which have in their large catalogues chemical products with different qualities, thus trying to monopolise the entire industrial market, regardless of whether the solutions are worse or better from a technical point of view.

How do we do it?

The know-how acquired over the years allows us to provide a guarantee and quick response according to the needs of our customers, in a competitive environment that seeks higher quality and “tailor-made solutions”, being able to offer with total viability unique and totally customised products that cannot be found on the market, or whose development is only within the reach of large multinationals.






How do we innovate?

At GAIRESA’s innovation centre, our highly qualified team works with the best equipment and the latest developments in polymers to design new chemical products.. To this end, GAIRESA has one of the best-equipped private laboratories in Spain in its sector, being able to carry out a large number of thermal, mechanical and analytical tests that allow us to study in depth the materials we design.

In addition to the know-how acquired internally, GAIRESA cooperates with universities and technology centres in the development of projects, with the aim of offering the best guarantees for its products, which are audited by external technologists. For example, we have recently been able to develop and certify in record time an epoxy adhesive for large structural anchors with earthquake resistance, based on international standards and under conditions that had never been tested before. These tests were designed and executed in collaboration with the CITEEC Construction laboratory.

Gairesa's R&D+i department

Who are we?

GAIRESA‘s Research, Development and Innovation Department (R&D+i)led by the Doctor in Physics and Chemistry Senén Paz Abuín, has two important laboratories where our R&D activities are carried out and a highly experienced team, which form one of the pillars of the company and are undoubtedly a world reference for their innovative contributions to the field of epoxy resins and other latest generation polymers. These contributions include more than 50 publications in national and international scientific journals, patents and books such as Epoxy Polymers: New Materials and Innovations, edited in 2010 by two of the world’s leading experts in the field: Jean-Pierre Pascault and Roberto J.J. Williams.
GAIRESA reinvests a high percentage of its annual profits in R&D, which has allowed it to survive for more than 40 years in a sector where today practically only the large multinationals remain. This investment, together with numerous research projects financed by the Galician, Spanish and European administrations, make GAIRESA‘s R&D Department one of the most highly valued in the field of polymeric materials.