Concrete reparation

Structural regeneration of concrete: BEPOX 490

When we find damaged structures that require concrete reparation, it can be due to several reasons:


  • Due to the influence of environmental agents that have degraded the concrete over time.
  • Due to inadequate initial protection (without a coating or with a coating that does not withstand service conditions).
  • Incorrect original design to withstand the actual stresses to which the structure is subjected in service.
  • Due to an occasional accident that has damaged part of the structure and causes cracks in the concrete.
Reinforced concrete structures reparation

concrete. In these cases, a multi-phase treatment is necessary to recover the bearing capacity of the concrete and protect it against future wear and tear. GAIRESA has designed a series of systems for the repair of concrete structures which, acting synergistically, are capable of restoring the structure to its original appearance, with improved mechanical and chemical resistance .

Concrete repair mortar

First of all, it is important to passivate the metal reinforcement with BEPOX® TP/Zn, an epoxy primer with a high zinc content that ensures protection against corrosion. BEPOX® TP/Zn acts as an anti-corrosion primer for any steel (pipes, bolts, reinforcing bars, etc.). Concrete repair is achieved with a water-based epoxy resin, BEPOX® 490, which not only acts as an adhesive between old and new concrete, but also allows the preparation of high-strength epoxy-cement mortars..

Epoxy resin for concrete repairs

Once the concrete structure has been regenerated, it is necessary to finish the repair by applying a suitable coating that resists the service environment, whether it is air, solar radiation, water or any other aggressive fluid. For this purpose, GAIRESA has a wide range of epoxy and aliphatic polyurethane-based coatings , specific for each case. In certain circumstances, in-situ reinforcement with glass fibre or carbon fibre is required, for which we apply carefully formulated epoxy resins and adhesives.

GAIRESA‘s structural regeneration system has been successfully applied in the rehabilitation of fountains, squares, historic buildings, bridges, facades, reservoirs, ports, dams, towers, pillars or columns, among many other concrete structures.

Featured products for



Water based epoxy resin for concrete mortar reinforcement.

Bonding bridge between old concrete and fresh concrete.


Passivating epoxy primer

For corrosion protection of metal bars and structures.


Water based passivating primer

For corrosion protection of metal substrates (steel, aluminium, galvanised), while significantly improving the adhesion of epoxy coatings on these surfaces.


Solvent-free epoxy primer.

Concrete consolidant.


Solvent-based 2K aliphatic polyurethane coating.

Maximum resistance to solar radiation. Maximum resistance to solar radiation. Available in RAL colours, with matt, satin or high gloss finish.