Concrete coating

GAIRESA’s products provide effective and durable technical solutions for the various pathologies that can occur in concrete and other materials commonly used in the construction sector. The quality of the concretes used in construction has improved significantly over the years, but even the most resistant and impermeable concretes are sensitive to degradation by meteorological and/or environmental agents.
Reinforced concrete coating

Cutting-edge technology in resins for concrete protection

Concrete protection is understood as the set of actions aimed at improving its behavior over time against mechanical, thermal and/or chemical stresses. In all cases, the aim is to increase the durability of the concrete, not to influence its bearing capacity or mechanical characteristics. Therefore, the protections are external and with thicknesses depending on the characteristics of the protection material and the stresses to which the structure will be subjected.

In order to choose the most suitable reinforced concrete coating, its resistance to abrasion (mechanical action produced by the dragging of particles by the wind or by friction if the surface is walkable), chemical resistance (concrete is sensitive in a wide pH range, so a protective coating is indispensable in aggressive environments) and resistance to ultraviolet radiation (the sun’s rays accelerate degradation) must be taken into account.

Concrete coating

The epoxy, water-based acrylic and polyurethane systems produced by GAIRESA are coatings that are certified to consolidate and superficially insulate concrete, provide it with specific chemical resistance, increase its waterproof properties and long lasting protection against solar radiation and other environmental agents. The EN 1504-2 standard certifies concrete protection products with the corresponding CE marking.

Featured products for



High reactivity epoxy primer.

Due to its low viscosity, it allows the manufacture of mortars and laminates on site, besides being a good consolidating primer for concrete. Solvent-free.


Epoxy coating certified to come into contact with food

(European Regulation 10/2011). Solvent-free.


Water-based acrylic-asphaltic waterproofing for facades and roofs.

Maximum elasticity, even at low temperatures.



Water-based acrylic coating.

High elasticity and weather resistance.


Epoxy coating with special chemical resistance.

Available in clear, pigmented and putty versions. Solvent-free.


Solvent-based 2K aliphatic polyurethane coating. Maximum resistance to solar radiation.

Available in transparent and pigmented versions, with high gloss, satin or matte finish.