GAIRESA integrates with its surroundings and, therefore, one of the fundamental principles of our philosophy is the sustainability and protection of the environment and, consequently, the prevention of environmental impact in the execution of all our activities.

In order to achieve its quality and environmental objectives, GAIRESA exhaustively reviews all the control and monitoring parameters of its external suppliers and all the processes carried out at its facilities. All of this with the aim of further promoting the principle of continuous improvement in its activities and in environmental performance.

Sustainable chemical company
GAIRESA aims to fully satisfy the expectations of its customers, always bearing in mind the premise of protecting the environment, preventing pollution and keeping the environmental impact of our activities to a minimum. This commitment is carried out through the application of a Quality and Environmental System in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 Standards, a tool to establish the following principles:
  • To provide customers with the best quality and environmentally friendly products, at the lowest possible cost and in accordance with the established requirements and specifications.
  • Commitment to comply with the legal, regulatory and normative requirements applicable to our activity and other requirements to which GAIRESA may subscribe.
  • Establishing a documented system to ensure the quality of products and services, and respectful management at all stages of the processes.
  • Continuous improvement through measurable objectives applied to environmental performance and our activities, promoting the prevention of faults rather than their correction.
  • Facilitating the level of training necessary for the efficient performance of the functions and tasks of our workers, with the aim of improving quality and respect for the environment.
  • Permanent analysis of information, both our own and that collected from customers, in order to improve GAIRESA’s processes and products.
  • To provide the organisation with the technical, economic and human resources necessary to achieve the current policy.
  • To achieve the commitment of all the members involved and to develop a participative management that takes advantage of everyone’s capabilities.

The Quality and Environmental Policy is made public for the personnel working in the company, providing the necessary means for it to be understood and implemented. It is also available to all interested parties.

GAIRESA undertakes to establish, implement and keep this policy up to date, in support of its strategy based on process management and an attitude based on risks and opportunities.


Each of the products manufactured at GAIRESA must pass a strict quality control carried out in our laboratories, within our Quality System certified by independent bodies.

The customers of GAIRESA know that they can be confident that their products will meet the specifications on the technical data sheet: reactivity, viscosity, mechanical properties, etc. are key parameters for controlling that the products manufactured at our facilities meet the quality standards demanded by our customers and by ourselves.

International standards to certify each product according to its application (e.g. CE Marks) have democratised the coatings and adhesives materials sector.. These standards allow all companies to compete on a more level playing field, as long as their products are properly certified.. These certifications ensure that the products intended for each application meet the technically required quality requirements.

In the construction sector, the most widely required standard is EN 1504, which refers to the treatment of the multiple pathologies that concrete can present and how they should be repaired and protected to increase their durability.

GAIRESA’s philosophy is clear in this regard: early protection with quality coatings and adhesives will extend the life of a concrete structure exponentially.

The EN 1504 standard consists of several parts that refer to the different pathologies that concrete can present:

EN 1504-2

Surface protection of concrete (EN 1504-2) with different epoxy and water-based acrylic systems.

EN 1504-5

Concrete injection (EN 1504-5) with BEPOX® 626, to repair fissures and cracks.

EN 1504-6

Anchoring of steel bars in concrete (EN 1504-6) with BEPOX® 626 ANCLAJES, for reinforcing concrete structures, including against seismic movements.

In addition to EN 1504, there are other more specific international standards relating to the quality of structural adhesives (EN 15274) or resins for continuous flooring (EN 13813), which also result in their corresponding CE Marks and a whole range of certified products in the GAIRESA portfolio.

GAIRESA products, certified by international organisations

This set of international standards ensures that the products developed and manufactured by GAIRESA comply with the quality standards required for the different applications and are audited annually by independent bodies.. The result is CE marked products which, together with the experience and know-how accumulated over 40 years, guarantee the superior quality of the products manufactured by GAIRESA.

As if the above were not enough, GAIRESA continually seeks to differentiate itself qualitatively, providing added value to its products that allows it to stand out from its competitors. In this sense, in recent years we have specialised in the development of structural anchoring solutions that provide safety in areas of seismic risk.. In this context, we have developed epoxy adhesives with early resistance to earthquakes, based on international standards and certified by independent bodies. Our BEPOX® 2226 and BEPOX® 626 TIX ranges are examples of epoxy adhesives for seismic conditions and are certified with the CE marking for structural adhesives (EN 15274).

In addition to the importance of quality and superior technical performance in our developments, we do not forget about respect for the environment and the health of the people who use our products, which is why we have always been committed to designing solvent-free and low VOC systems (90% of the products in our catalogue do NOT include solvents in their composition).).

In line with this philosophy, we have decided to certify some of our coating systems with one of the most internationally valued tests to quantify the respect for health and the environment during the application of a paint or adhesive, the EN 16000 standard on indoor air quality, obtaining the highest qualification: Class A+.

Sustainability in the chemical industry

A+ certification gives access to the most demanding Environmental Sustainability programmes such as LEED (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design), BREEAM (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) or WELL, which assess the environmental impact of building construction. These programmes are increasingly in demand by promoters and technical consultants in new construction projects.

Environmental protocols in chemistry