Coatings for exterior facades offer protection against different atmospheric agents.. At GAIRESA we have been manufacturing high quality acrylic coatings for over 40 years, , which, when applied by the right professionals, provide attractive and long-lasting protection. GAIRESA’s façade waterproofing system is a multi-layer system that prevents water filtration into the interior of the home, as well as the appearance of cracks thanks to the elasticity of our coating and the fibre reinforcement of the critical points.

Gairesa facade coatings


It is a finishing coating of excellent strength, flexibility and adhesion. Thanks to the combination of a 100% acrylic copolymer with high weather stability and inorganic pigments (based on salts and oxides of cobalt, titanium, iron, zinc, aluminium and vanadium), a product of exceptional light fastness and resistance to fading over time is obtained, even in the most adverse weather conditions. The availability of a range of more than 800 colours allows us to adapt to the taste of each of our customers.


For more than 40 years, GAIRESA has been a reference in the waterproofing of structures, being an example to follow in the protection and painting of facades. Both homeowners and residential communities, as well as professionals and technical prescribers, have placed their trust in us over all these years because they know that GAIRESA has the experience and technical knowledge necessary to always provide the optimum solution in each case. In this scenario, a key product in our façade system is BEPOX® ELASTIC, which acts as a flexible intermediate layer capable of withstanding the winter/summer and night/day thermal cycles without cracks appearing in the façade. In addition, thanks to its asphalt content, this emulsion based on an acrylic copolymer offers extraordinary water resistance that waterproofs the structure on which it is applied, preventing any water infiltration into the interior of the building.

The BEPOX® FACHADAS system is applied in 3 phases:

Protector acrylic coatings