Structural adhesives and chemical anchors

We design and manufacture chemical anchors, structural adhesives and bonding bridges as an alternative and durable answer to mechanical joints.. Through insoluble and infusible resins for chemical anchors, we achieve adhesions from structural to flexible.

Versatile epoxy adhesives, tough polyurethane adhesives, or fast methacrylate adhesives. All of them are highly effective with materials typically used in construction, structures and composites.

Chemical anchors

Structural adhesives for civil engineering anchors

BEPOX 2222 Epoxy Bonding Bridge Resin

The joining of old concrete with fresh concrete is a common operation in civil engineering, so permanent anchoragesbe made to ensure an effective and durable adhesion, capable of handling the stresses that the structure will withstand throughout its useful life. Thanks to the knowledge and experience accumulated over 40 years, GAIRESA has recently designed an epoxy adhesive called BEPOX® 2222 which, in addition to having the appropriate technical characteristics for concrete-concrete and concrete-steel joints, is certified with the CE Marking for “Structural Adhesives” (EN 15274), audited by independent bodies. In addition to concrete-concrete or metal-metal joints, mixed joints are common in the construction sector, which can be a great technical challenge, as they often require taking into account materials with very different elastic modulus and thermal properties, which means that the interface will undergo quite pronounced expansion/contraction movements during service.

BEPOX 2222

Epoxy adhesive certified as a structural adhesive bonding bridge.

Concrete-concrete and concrete-steel joints.

BEPOX 626 ANCLAJES epoxy resin chemical anchorage

One of the most common actions in the construction of civil engineering structures is the anchoring of steel bars as structural reinforcement in order to ensure the continuity of reinforced concrete structures. It is essential to choose reliable structural anchoring systems with proven and certified mechanical performance . Our product BEPOX® 626 ANCLAJES is an epoxy resin anchor that ensures maximum performance, quality and safety. Adhesion under water, resistance to mechanical fatigue and chemical/thermal aging are some of its outstanding properties, tested and audited by independent organizations through the CE Marking EN 1504-6, which is the reference certification system in Europe for reinforcement anchors in concrete structures, being homologated in many other regions of the world.


Certified epoxy adhesive for chemical anchoring of steel bars.

Earthquake Resistant Structural Anchors for Concrete

Chemical anchors for concrete: BEPOX 626 TIX and BEPOX 2226

For the particular case of chemical anchors to be used in regions with seismic activity, current legislation requires even more demanding special tests to be passed. The purpose of these tests is to characterize the behavior of the maximum adhesive loads reached by a concrete-resin-steel bond in the case of cracked concrete and after cyclic loads that simulate the behavior in the event of an earthquake, both in tension and shear. For this case we have certified the product BEPOX® 626 TIX, with a perfectly studied thixotropy that allows us to make chemical anchors for concrete and also in walls and ceilings, which is also certified with the CE Marking for “Structural Adhesives” (EN 15274).

This is not the end of GAIRESA’s capacity for innovation in adhesives: if, in addition to earthquake resistance, the technical requirements of the project demand extremely fast installation, we have developed the BEPOX® 2226 series, epoxy adhesives capable of providing sufficient strength to withstand an earthquake in less than 2 hours after application. These adhesives allow structural anchoring, certified and audited by independent organizations with the CE Mark EN 15274.. Epoxy adhesives BEPOX® 2226 have been successfully tested in concrete-concrete joints and anchoring of steel bars by casting, for example, in the assembly of wind turbine towers built with concrete sections, where the speed of installation is essential in order to save additional costs due to the use of special cranes.


Certified epoxy adhesive for chemical anchoring of steel bars in seismic conditions.

BEPOX 2226

Epoxy adhesive certified as an expansive chemical anchor.

Resistant to seismic conditions in less than 2 hours.

Structural adhesive solutions

Underwater Anchors

Epoxy adhesives for underwater anchoring: LARBOND 5011 EP

Sometimes, it is necessary to establish strong and durable bonds under water, and for this purpose GAIRESA has developed an epoxy anchoring adhesive that hardens under water called LARBOND® 5011 EP, which allows bonding concrete, ceramics or metals in wet substrate conditions or even under water. Another great advantage of this adhesive is that, although it does not dilute in water when applied under immersion, all tools can be cleaned with water, thus avoiding the excessive use of solvents. Other adhesives in the BEPOX 626 family also cure in high humidity and even under water.


Underwater epoxy adhesive.

Hardens under wáter.


Adhesive bonds between different materials

Methacrylate adhesives: LARBOND 3001 MMA

GAIRESA’s catalog of adhesives also includes the fast methacrylate adhesives (LARBOND® 3001 MMA), unequalled in terms of speed and adhesive strength between metals and many plastics (ABS, PVC, PMMA, among others). They allow to establish strong and durable anchorages in only 10 minutes, and at the same time they have a perfectly studied thixotropy to avoid sagging, even in high thicknesses. GAIRESA offers 3 versions of LARBOND 3001 MMA adhesive, with different curing speeds: 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

Polyurethane adhesives: LARBOND 4001 PU and LARBOND 4003 PU

The polyurethane adhesives of our LARBOND® PU range allow different types of bonding. From flexible anchorages between a multitude of materials, mainly plastics, to structural anchorages between composite materials such as, for example, fiber boats or the two shells forming a wind turbine blade. LARBOND 4001 PU polyurethane adhesive is recommended for bonding flexible materials and LARBOND 4003 PU is recommended for bonding more rigid materials.



Methacrylate based adhesive available in 3 different reactivities.

High adhesive capacity, even without surface treatment.


Liquid rubber reinforced epoxy adhesive.

Bonding with concrete, metals, composites…


Epoxy adhesive with long working time.

Bonding with concrete, metals, composites…


2-component polyurethane based adhesive.

Flexible and tough.


2-component polyurethane based adhesive.

Elastic. Joints with plastics.


2-component polyurethane based adhesive.

Rigid and tough.

Adhesive POT-Life (min, 20ºC) Tg∞ (ºC) Tensile Strength (MPa) Elastic modulus (MPa) Tensile breaking energy (kJ / m3) Steel adhesion (MPa) Epoxy adhesion (MPa) Polyester adhesion (MPa)
LARBOND 4003 PU 50 50 28 2000 3500 - 11 6.5
LARBOND 5000 EP 60 70 31 1515 - 7 16 -
LARBOND HI 5003 EP 180 70 31 1820 635 18.5 10.2 13.7
LARBOND M 3001 MMA 30 70 21 920 675 19 10 15
LARBOND S 3001 MMA 60 70 25 1100 700 19 10 15