Decorative flooring

There is an increasingly widespread trend in the world of architecture and decoration towards the use of special resins and paints that bring a step forward in quality to the spaces designed by professionals in this sector.

Although GAIRESA has one of its natural market niches in industrial coatings, we wanted to go a step further by formulating a range of highly decorative coatings, which retain the excellent performance required of an industrial paint, in terms of mechanical resistance (abrasion and scratching) and chemical resistance (cleaning products, foodstuffs, drink spills…).

The matt finish one of the market demands we have taken into account. The recommended applications are floors and walls where high mechanical resistance is required together with high durability, as well as an attractive and adaptable aesthetic to the space in question: high availability of colours, matt, semi-matt, satin or high gloss; smooth or rough.

Decorative flooring
A+ - Well - Leed

Our epoxy and polyurethane based resins are compatible with special finishes: chips, coloured quartz, metallic or glitter effect pigments, etc., which allows the specifier or client to consider all the possibilities in the design of spaces such as hotels, residences, shopping centres, small shops, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, etc.

GAIDUR® 2177

Two-component polyurethane based system, with a fast drying speed and very high chemical and mechanical resistance . Its resistance to abrasion is difficult to outperform in continuous paving. Waterproof paint suitable for indoor and outdoor use.. Three finishes: gloss, satin or matt, both in the transparent and coloured versions. Complies with VOC regulations for high performance paints.

GAIKOL® 2286 R

100% reactive epoxy flooring, fast to put into service, at low temperatures. It allows the installation of a continuous coating quickly, being able to be walked on in only 3 hours (at 20ºC) from its application. In addition, it has extraordinary resistance to abrasion and scratching.. It is a Class A+ certified product thanks to its minimal emission of volatile compounds into the environment.


100% reactive transparent resin, solvent and water free, which allows a thick protective layer to be applied to special finishes such as multi-coloured quartz, chips or any other coloured coating. We will achieve the effect of glass on the applied flooring, protecting it from external agents, wear and tear due to friction, knocks and scratches. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as it is highly resistant to UV radiation.


Coloured version of GAIDUR® NANOCLEAR 80, with all its advantages and maximum colour stability, even under the most adverse weather conditions.


Two-component polyurethane-based system with a matt finish and maximum resistance to UV radiation, which makes this product ideal for areas with high exposure to sunlight. Waterproof paint with maximum outdoor durability.. Complies with VOC regulations for high performance paints.


Two-component water-based epoxy system, with fast drying speed and a silky matt finish that makes it very attractive for multiple decorative uses, given its availability in a wide range of colours.. The paint is VOC-free and odourless, and the working tools are easily washable with water.


Interior coating based on a waterborne acrylic/polyurethane copolymer, ideal for finishes on different polymeric systems on walls and floors. It stands out for its high elasticity, which allows it to absorb small movements without cracking. VOC-free and odourless paint, and the working tools are easily washable with water.

Epoxy and polyurethane floors
Resin flooring in different finishes
Decorative flooring
Decorative flooring