The sector of composite materials has been GAIRESA’s favourite since the 90’s of the last century. We have dedicated many R&D resources to the development of a complete range of resins for fibreglass or carbon fibre, epoxy resins, adhesives for composites, coatings and bonding bridges adapted to the requirements and technical specifications of each industry involved in the composites sector: wind power, nautical, automotive, sports or aerospace. At the same time, the technical knowledge acquired in the specific developments for this sector has served to enrich the quality of systems that today we use massively in other sectors such as civil engineering or decoration.

The innovative efforts of GAIRESA in the composites sector have been rewarded over the years, in addition to the trust of our customers, by independent organisations that have recognised the quality and uniqueness of our developments with different awards (Xunta de Galicia in 2000, Colegio de Químicos in 2003 and 2016, as well as the latest and perhaps most highly valued award from our own competitors in the polymer industry, at the ChemPlastAwards in 2018).
Epoxy resins Viscosity (mPa · s, 20ºC) POT-Life (min, 20ºC) Tg∞ (ºC) Tensile Strength (MPa) Elastic modulus (MPa) Compression Strength (MPa) Flexural Strength (MPa)
BEPOX 1016 750 13 50 50 1880 - -
BEPOX 1622 1700 300 75 45.3 2325 82 75
BEPOX 2086 320 140* 76 55 2000 70 96
BEPOX 2182 340 81* 77 62 2900 82 78
BEPOX 2193 250 212* 80 58,5 2600 85 112

Gairesa, innovating in the formulation and manufacture of epoxy resins

GAIRESA has collaborated in the development of the European composites industry, designing resins for fibreglass or carbon fibre in different research projects in which many companies, universities and research organisations from all over the continent have participated:

Where we were

Where we have arrived


In 1997, together with a consortium of European companies and universities, we carried out the FLUORAD project, which was a novelty at the time, creating a methodology for monitoring the curing and ageing processes of composites, using fluorescence technology.


Today this method is an industry standard and GAIRESA participated in its development.


In 2001, GAIRESA developed independently in the ULTRAVIOLETA project an epoxy resin intrinsically resistant to ultraviolet radiation, which made it more durable and resistant to ageing due to sunlight than the epoxy systems existing up to that time. To achieve this, we developed new formulations based on 100% aliphatic prepolymers that were not the industry standard at the time.


Today, the presence of aliphatic epoxy prepolymers is very common in commercial epoxy formulations and the industry has created a wide variety of reactive diluents within this family, some of vegetable origin. GAIRESA was also a pioneer in this, anticipating the potential that 100% aliphatic epoxy prepolymers could have.


In 2004, GAIRESA developed an innovative epoxy resin for the manufacture of storable prepregs. This new system generated great interest in the wind power and aeronautical industries, which at that time were already using prepregs in their processes for the manufacture of composites.


The success of this development led GAIRESA to patent this technology and related products in 2006.


In 2017, 20 years after the FLUORAD project, we participated in the development of a new system for monitoring composite curing processes, based on magnetic particles (ADHESITES 4.0 project).


The success of this recently completed project makes us confident that this technology will become a new standard for the composites industry, in which GAIRESA has once again participated as a major player.

The production processes of composite materials preferably use epoxy resins and fibres of glass, carbon, aramid, etc. to manufacture parts that will later be assembled or put into service directly in wind turbines, boats, aircraft, drones, automobiles, sports equipment such as surfboards, rackets or fishing rods, among others. These processes can be manual lamination, vacuum infusion, RTM, pultrusion, filament winding or prepregs. In addition to the production of new parts, there is a permanent need in the chemical industry for the conservation and maintenance of composite materials in service, for which GAIRESA also develops specific solutions.

Composites for all industries


Composites for all industries


Resin and fibre composite materials


Resin and fibre composite materials


Composites for all industries