Development of new materials


Tailored solutions for industry


Continuous innovation

  • Epoxies

    The maximum efficiency of a treatment is only achievable using tailor-made products for each project. Epoxy resins are the most versatile choice within the existing prepolymers: adhesives, waterproofers, coatings, composite matrices, and so forth.

  • Polyurethanes

    Polyurethanes are a treat that chemistry gives us. They are flexible and tough materials with high performance under different climate conditions, but always adhesive and waterproof.

  • Acrylic dispersions

    Façade coatings provide protection against different atmospheric agents. The adequate combination of acrylic polymers and pigments brings harmony and protection to our house.

  • Methacrylates

    Methacrylate (MMA) adhesives have strong affinity for many substrates. Often, their adhesive strength is so high that the material breaks in two instead of peeling off.




Water and humidity can come through terraces, decks, façades and party walls. Our systems based on acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane resins are made to confront these issues.



Pavement coatings, mortars and top coats for factories, warehouses, parking lots, garages… are available in a wide range of colours. The ultimate technology in epoxy resins and UV resistant polyurethanes is our choice.

Restoration of concrete struct.

Water treatment plants, potable water tanks, water pipes, dams, harbours, docks, piers, chemical tanks, bridges, tunnels, maintenance and restorations. Everything with our epoxy systems.

Architectural coatings

Façades and interior paints treatments. Multilayer systems based on aqueous polyacrylate dispersions preserve our houses against atmospheric elements and keep colour stability.


Gairesa designs and manufactures durable alternatives to mechanical anchoring. Through insoluble and infusible chemical joints, structural to flexible adhesions are possible.


Gairesa formulates, manufactures and commercialises epoxy adhesives and resins specially designed for the production of composites with different techniques: hand lay-up, infusion, pultrusion, filament winding or prepregs.



R&D&I Department of Gairesa, led by Dr. in Physics and Chemistry Senén Paz Abuín, consists of two important laboratories where we develop our research activities with a very experienced team. This team is one of the main pillars of Gairesa, and without doubt it’s a global reference because of its innovative approaches in the field of epoxy resins and other ultimate generation polymers.


Gairesa is a leading Spanish company in formulation and manufacture of epoxy resins, polyurethanes, primers, methacrylate adhesives and acrylic paints. Our innovative solutions and our quick answer to customer needs make us the ideal technical support to design the best solution for polymeric coatings, composite matrices and adhesive joints. Waterproofing, flooring, decks and façades rehabilitation, elastomers, injection resins, and so forth, are our strengths.

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