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Innovation in resins and polymers for new materials

Gairesa is a leading company in the formulation and manufacture of chemical products such as epoxy resins, polyurethanes, methacrylate adhesives, acrylic paints and primers, mainly for applications in coatings, adhesives and composites. As an INNOVATIVE SME recognized by the Ministry of Science, research and innovation are the basis of our business philosophy. Our innovative solutions and quick response capacity make us the ideal technical partner to design the product that best suits the needs of our customers.
Innovative SME
As a leading chemical company in Spain, we work in the field of polymer chemistry, a branch of organic chemistry focused on the development of new materials that are more versatile and efficient than traditional materials. We have extensive experience in the development and sale of chemical products for the industrial sectors of CONSTRUCTION, DECORATION and COMPOSITES, providing multiple solutions to industries such as transport, automotive, hydraulic infrastructures, food, building, shipbuilding and renewable energies, among others. Quality and respect for our environment characterize Gairesa’s daily work, through compliance with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, as well as the CE marks that certify and approve each range of our products.






Whether you are an architect, a designer, a craftsman, an aeronautical engineer or a painter, at gairesa we have a solution for you.

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GAIRESA was awarded with the INNOVATIVE SME LABEL by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. This label recognizes the innovative activity of small and medium size enterprises. Gairesa has 40 years’ experience in R&D applied to the organic materials field...

The chemical company that solves your problems

Among the wide variety of alternatives that we offer as manufacturers and as a company that markets chemical products, our technical specialities are liquid waterproofing, continuous flooring, industrial and decorative coatings, adhesives, structural anchoring and rehabilitation of concrete structures, well as the design of systems for the production of composite materials (epoxy resins, gel coats, aliphatic polyurethanes, structural adhesives, putties, etc.), used in multiple industries such as wind energy, aeronautics, naval or automotive, among others.

Taking organic chemistry to the next level

GAIRESA focuses its activity on the development of new materials: the formulation of chemical compounds based on polymers, mainly thermosets, using the full potential of organic chemistry and materials science. Thanks to the know-how acquired over more than 40 years, we are able to develop innovative products, analysing all the physicochemical, thermal and mechanical properties of these new materials.

Sale of chemical products: more than 4 decades innovating

With over 40 years of experience, GAIRESA has established itself as one of the chemical companies in Galicia and Spain with the longest experience. We have demonstrated throughout our history that continuous investment in R&D is a necessary and essential condition to manufacture innovative chemical products and successfully face the different challenges that arise in a globalised environment, where Competitiveness, Quality and Ethics define the sustainability of any business project. For this reason, GAIRESA operates with a business model based on research and innovation that has led us to achieve technological and financial self-sufficiency, allowing the company to make quick decisions according to the needs of each project and/or client.

A new vision of the chemical industry

Within the chemical engineering companies sector, our added value is that we are able to develop and manufacture new materials at the request of our customers, placing all our R&D resources at their service. In this way, we meet the technical requirements of each project to the maximum, offering unique and custom-made products that our clients cannot find in the catalogues of the large generalist companies with total viability.


Full in-house development


All our R&D activities are carried out at GAIRESA’s facilities, in our laboratories and with specialised staff. In addition to being manufacturers of chemical products and a company with its own chemical laboratory, we have the latest technology to support our research, with equipment for thermal analysis such as DSC and TGA, liquid chromatography and gas-mass chromatography, hybrid rheometer with thermal chamber, mechanical tensile-compression testing machine, surface resistance tests (Taber abrasion and Persoz-König hardness), accelerated ageing climatic chamber, impact resistance, among many others. Most of the solutions developed are based on polymeric chemicals that are supplied to customers in a liquid state and undergo chemical transformation at the application site to give solid, infusible materials with predefined chemical and mechanical properties.
We manufacture industrial organic chemistry products, based on resins and polymers, designed to provide complete solutions in continuous flooring, coatings, waterproofing and adhesives for a multitude of applications in floors, roofs, terraces, rooftops, facades, swimming pools, tanks, canals, pipes, dams, bus stations, train stations, underground stations, hospitals, industrial warehouses, factories, silos, ports, docks, fountains, boats, yachts, kayaks, canoes, trawlers, surfboards, fishing rods, wood, river tables, furniture… Our products have great synergies between them, being able to become “tailor-made” Treatment Systems for each client, according to the technical requirements of each project. We also offer products for individuals, such as resins for DIY, decorative paints for interiors or facades, etc. although the industrial branch remains the core of our business.