21 June, 2021 | 3D floors

Gairesa presents its two latest developments for the industrial flooring industry: GAIPOX® 2284 and BEPOX® 2324.

These are 2 self-leveling epoxy products, with high mechanical performance, developed 100% in the R&D&I department of Gairesa to complement the systems we already have for this important industrial sector.

These two new products provide new tools to our customers and applicators, within the current context of scarcity of raw materials and generalized increase of prices at origin. The development of these new materials demonstrates Gairesa’s innovative capacity to respond quickly to the demands of the industrial sector and our main customers, who are facing a market where cost reduction is a must due to the economic situation, while our new products, GAIPOX® 2284 and BEPOX® 2324, maintain the same level of quality that we have always implemented in our systems.