18 October, 2017 | Solutions

New GAIDUR® 2198 is a self-leveling coating based on a 2K aromatic polyurethane, with a high impact resistance and an outstanding toughness. GAIDUR® 2198 is a two component formulation, with a short drying time suitable to put in service after a few hours since the application.

Recommended applications are sport floors, commercial areas, waterproofing of decks and terraces, etc. GAIDUR® 2198 acts as a semi-elastic layer able to absorb shocks and bumps, but also small structural movements.

GAIDUR® 2198 is available in a wide range of colors but our recommendention is to use a protective finishing layer to improve the weathering resistance (for example, an aliphatic polyurethane like GAIDUR® P).

This product is certified with CE mark EN 13813:2014.


When used as waterproofing layer in building industry, GAIDUR® 2198 is 100% compatible with different fiberglass mats available in the market, to form an elastic composite able to bridge small movements and cracks appearing in the concrete structure.

Find below a few mechanical properties of GAIDUR® 2198:

  • Shore A hardness = 100
  • Shore D hardness > 70
  • Impact resistance > 19,6 N·m
  • Elastic modulus = 574 MPa
  • Tensile strength = 17,6 MPa
  • Elongation at break = 65%
  • Tensile energy to break (TEB) = 10000 kJ/m3