Polyurethanes are a treat that chemistry gives us. They are flexible and tough materials with high performance under different climate conditions, but always adhesive and waterproof.

Gairesa manufactures a wide variety of polyurethane systems developed for specific problems and special requirements, providing expert solutions:

Polyurethane formulations for elastic membranes and weather and UV-stable sealants.

•    LARBOND® PU Series
Polyurethane formulations for structural or flexible adhesives.

Some examples of our polyurethane products are mentioned below. To find the product that fits the best with your needs, please contact us.

Within the GAIDUR® COATINGS Series there are different weather and UV resistant coatings like GAIDUR® P AB (the high gloss version within this line of products). Other UV-stable sealants are GAIDUR® P MATE or GAIDUR® P TRANSPARENTE. All grades of this UV resistant coating, matt or gloss, are available in a wide range of colours (RAL colour chart).

LARBOND® PU Series comprises flexible and structural adhesives. For example, LARBOND® F,M 4002 PU behaves well on flexible substrates because it was formulated to bond to thermoplastics. In contrast, LARBOND® 4003 PU has a higher Tg and elastic modulus, as well as excellent cohesive properties and outstanding adhesive properties. The values of lap shear strength on aluminium can be as high as 30 MPa.

The table below shows all polyurethane products designed and manufactured by Gairesa. The recommended applications are also displayed:

For more information, please contact us.

The following interactive table compares different parameters of some of our polyurethane resins. You can sort all values by clicking on the headers of each column:

GAIDUR 1799 JThixotropic paste55-471.91.33763600
GAIDUR 1950Self leveling130-4510.310003000
GAIDUR 352300045-440.20.68201390
GAIDUR DX 2082Self leveling45-451.62.51802000
GAIDUR 63Self leveling90-271.111841065
GAIDUR 63 TIXOThixotropic paste50-202.23.11031330
GAIDUR 40Self leveling8652.53801150
GAIDUR 1872Self leveling35204.512451000
GAIDUR 37 ISelf leveling343510145504170


*GAIDUR is a registered trademark of Gairesa. For each name there are different numbers to distinguish the final products, their characteristics and applications.



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