The maximum efficiency of a treatment is only achievable using tailor-made products for each project. Epoxy resins are the most versatile choice within the existing prepolymers: adhesives, waterproofers, coatings, composite matrices, and so forth.


Polyurethanes are a treat that chemistry gives us. They are flexible and tough materials with high performance under different climate conditions, but always adhesive and waterproof.

Acrylic dispersions

Façade coatings provide protection against different atmospheric agents. The adequate combination of acrylic polymers and pigments brings harmony and protection to our house.


Methacrylate (MMA) adhesives have strong affinity for many substrates. Often, their adhesive strength is so high that the material breaks in two instead of peeling off.


To get good adhesion to some materials is necessary to put an undercoat before painting. This preparatory coating is called primer or coupling agent.

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