R&D intervew in press together with PHYSICS NOBEL PRIZE

by in Innovación on 05 March, 2018

GAIRESA has shown again how important is our activity in the national scientific spectra, as co-starring in a special newspaper release about R&D published on February 26th 2018 in one of the most important Spanish newspaper (ABC). The main starring of this newspaper supplement is the Nobel Prize winner and Japanese physicist Shuji Nakamura. In this special newspaper you can also read an interview with Dr. Senén Paz Abuín, director of GAIRESA, talking about past, present and future of the company, highlighting our commitment with sustainable chemistry.


Find below some phrases in the interview:

“Gairesa reinvest in R&D nearly 10% of its turnover."

“Our company would have closed without investment in R&D."

"Our specialty is the formulation and manufacture of liquid polymers applied in civil engineering, naval sector, aerospace and wind energy industries, among others, usually used as coatings, adhesives, composite materials, waterproofing, etc. One very common example are the blades of wind energy mills, which are manufactured with fibre and resin to make them lighter and more resistant compared with traditional materials. This kind of resins are manufactured by GAIRESA."

"At the moment, we're focused in the use of renewable materials in our formulations. We're working in the synthesis and formulation of sustainable resins to find an alternative to petrol-based raw materials."

Q: In 2016 Gairesa was recognized with the Award to Corporate Chemical Excellence by the Official Chemist College of Galicia. What did that mean for the company?

A: "It was a pleasant surprise because we didn't expect it, as we didn't apply for it. This award takes in account the hole historical pathway of Gairesa focused on research and innovation in the chemical industry. Hence, it was very motivating."

Q: If we look to next years, which are the main challenges of Gairesa?

A: "The clear direction is sustainability. That means not only the production from renewable raw materials, but also lighter and more durable materials. For example, planes are increasingly including composite and synthetic materials due to its lightness and resistance. Lightness means lower energy consumption."

"Gairesa is a Galician company manufacturing innovative products based on its own know-how and we never had technological dependence on any other national or foreigner company. This independence, in our sector and in many others, can only be achieved with R&D investment. Innovation is only a consequence of that."


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