R&D Projects

Gairesa desings and formulates all the materials that the company commercializes. Besides these own projects, there are some other research fields within the R&D plan of Gairesa that are funded by regional, national and European governments.



The first publications in Spanish magazines were studies about epoxy resins, published by Senén Paz Abuín in 1982. Since then, Gairesa has published more than 50 publications in national and international scientific journals, like “Macromolecules”, “Journal of Applied Polymer Science”, “European Polymer Journal”, “Polymer”, “Journal of Chromatographic Science”, “Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition”, and many more.

Scientific Congresses

Gairesa has been present at many congresses along its history, mainly in the first years of the company when the ground of the current know-how was laid. These congresses were held in different countries of Europe and America. There, Gairesa presented many works about epoxy resins: chemical reaction kinetics, application in civil engineering, etc.

Conferences and seminars

The presence of Gairesa at different conferences and courses is frequent in Spain and in other countries. Dr. Senén Paz Abuín is invited every year to several events to talk about the latest investigations in epoxy resins, composites and other fields of polymer science.



The research experience of Gairesa is recognised every day by our clients, who trust in our know-how to solve their problems. Furthermore, Gairesa is very proud of have achieved two awards, the first one given by a scientific association and the second one by the regional government of Galicia. Both of them have acknowledged the importance of R&D on the road to success.


Gairesa commercializes directly its new developments and also renews them often to optimize their properties according with the new technologies and the new raw materials given in the market. However, throughout the history of Gairesa, the company has decided that three of its discoveries must be patented, being two of them in the last decade.


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