To get good adhesion to some materials is necessary to put an undercoat before painting. This preparatory coating is called primer or coupling agent.

Gairesa manufactures different primers or coupling agents to improve adhesion to almost all kind of materials:

•    GAIBRIDGE® Series
Coupling agents to improve the adhesion to difficult surfaces.

Combined with other products of Gairesa, excellent adhesion values can be achieved to different substrates, included the ones with low surface energy, such as PE, PP, PVC…

Examples of our coupling agents are:

GAIBRIDGE® GE, one component couping agent developed to improve the adhesion of polymerizable liquid resins (epoxy, polyester, polyurethane…) to substrates like glass, ceramics, stones or low porosity concretes.

GAIBRIDGE® EE, is a coupling agent recommended to improve adhesion in the lamination of cured composites and also to improve adhesion between two layers of thermosetting materials, such as epoxy or polyester.

GAIBRIDGE® PP, is recommended to improve adhesion to low surface energy materials such as thermoplastics (PE, PP, PVC...).

GAIBRIDGE® PU, one component primer developed to improve adhesion between polymeric substrates, especially polyurethane/thermoplastic joints.

GAIBRIDGE® M, improves the adherence of the paint on metallic surfaces. It's also suitable to bond metallic objects with thermosetting adhesives (epoxy, polyurethane).

GAIBRIDGE® 11, is a one component water based coupling agent recomended to improve the adherence of polymeric coatings on metallic surfaces, specially on galvanized. Its zero-VOC content makes this coupling agent the most suitable option in many cases.

•    BEPOX® Primer Series
Two component epoxy resins diluted to be used as primers for concrete.

BEPOX® 490, is a water based epoxy primer specially recomended for acrylic coatings when a high alkali resistance is required. It's also suitable as reinforcement for concrete and mortars to improve mechanical, rheological and waterproofing properties. Its zero-VOC content is an advantage in many applications.

BEPOX® 1601, is a two component primer based on a solid epoxy resin, allowing a fast drying time, recommended to improve adhesion of polymeric coatings on porous substrates such as concrete. Among other benefits, this primer behaves as a binder increasing mechanical properties of the interface in the case of low performance concrete.


Below, a table shows the most appropiate primers depending on the material/materials you want to paint or bond:

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*GAIBRIDGE and BEPOX are registered trademarks of Gairesa. For each name there are different numbers to distinguish the final products, their characteristics and applications.

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