The maximum efficiency of a treatment is only achievable using tailor-made products for each project. Epoxy resins are the most versatile choice within the existing prepolymers: adhesives, waterproofers, coatings, composite matrices, and so forth.






Gairesa manufactures a wide variety of epoxy products developed for specific problems and special requirements, providing expert solutions:

•    BEPOX® Series
Epoxy formulations to fulfill a wide range of technical parameters.

•    TRIEPOX® Series
Low viscosity trifunctional epoxy formulations (without solvents or reactive diluents) with excellent weather resistance.

•    GAIPOX® Series
Epoxy formulations for special applications: waterborne, fast curing, etc.

•    GAIRECOM® LT/VLT Series
Epoxy formulations for prepregs that are non-reactive at room temperature.

•    LARBOND® EP Series
Epoxy adhesives: structural and multipurpose adhesives to bond all kind of materials.

Some examples of our epoxy products and applications are mentioned below. To find the product that fits the best with your needs, please contact us.

Within the epoxy products manufactured by Gairesa, there is a Food Contact Series called BEPOX® 889, specially developed for inside coatings of potable water tanks, water pipes, etc.

Another special development is an epoxy flooring product called GAIKOL® DX 2088 R, which becomes passable in less than two hours, reaching its final properties. These properties are very important in applications requiring a fast opening to service, such as production plants, parking lots and general passable areas.

Development of the environmental philosophy at Gairesa, led the company to design a new line of waterborne epoxy products called GAIPOX® AC. These products are perfect for indoor applications because of their zero VOC content. However, they are also suitable for outdoor applications due to their excellent adherence to different substrates such as asphalt, concrete and even polymers. The alternate final uses for this range of products are coatings, primers, adhesives or road marking paints.

The following table shows all epoxy products designed and manufactured by Gairesa. The recommended application fields are displayed:


For more information, please contact us.

 *BEPOX, TRIEPOX, GAIPOX and GAIRECOM are registered trademarks of Gairesa. For each name there are different numbers to distinguish the final products, their characteristics and applications.



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