Acrylic dispersions

Façade coatings provide protection against different atmospheric agents. The adequate combination of acrylic polymers and pigments brings harmony and protection to our house.

Gairesa has more than 30 years experience manufacturing high quality acrylic coatings, which offer attractive and long-lasting protection, either outdoors or indoors.

•    BEPOX® ACRYLIC Series
Water based formulations for architectural coatings and façades.

Our acrylic coatings brochure includes outdoors and indoors paints, primers or putties, all of them water based products. For outdoors architectural coatings we recommend BEPOX® 3ª FASE EXTERIORES. To find the product that fits the best with your needs, please contact us.

BEPOX® 3ª FASE EXTERIORES is a new finish coating with excellent properties, flexibility and adherence. Thanks to a combination of pigments based on cobalt, titanium, iron, zinc, aluminium and vanadium salts and oxides with a carefully selected acrylic copolymer, an exceptional product is obtained. This product demonstrates exceptional resistance to fading; in strong light and even under the most adverse conditions.

The following table shows all products designed and manufactured by Gairesa for the application on façades, terraces, indoors walls, etc. The products of this family are all acrylic and water based:

For more information, please contact us.

*BEPOX is a registered trademark of Gairesa. For each name there are different numbers to distinguish the final products, their characteristics and applications.

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