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Last years have seen an increasing interest in epoxy resins for decorative purposes, due to its versatility and the power of social networks. From the famous "river-tables" to jewllery, kitchen countertops, metallic floors, colored sand floors, surfboards, etc.

Gairesa, as one of the main international epoxy resins producer, has addapted its know-how to the clients demand and, eventhough decoration is not our natural field of work, we have formulated a new range of products easily adaptable to different applications: GAIPOX® CASTCLEAR and GAIDUR® NANOCLEAR are new-born brands in GAIRESA's brochure to address new trends in decoration, architecture, furniture and refurbishment. Quality and durability are their main characteristics.

GAIPOX® CASTCLEAR is a new range of epoxy resins for casting in high thickness, with excellent transparency and without the typical risks of overheating ocurred at room temperature with standard epoxy-amine reactions. To avoid this overheating, GAIRESA has designed reactive systems based on 100% aliphatic epoxy prepolymers, inherently resistant to yellowing under sun exposure and with very low exothermicity to avoid shrinkage and "burnt" problems. All these products are free of bisphenol A and all its derivatives. The final result are high transparency and hardness materials, miscible with compatible pigments to give any kind of color and special effect.

It's important to highlight that epoxy chemistry forces us to mix two reactive components which, during the first minutes of chemical reaction (up to 2-3 hours), release a large amount of energy used to transform a liquid product in an insoluble and infusible solid material. This energy is higher as larger is the amount of resin mixed, and it can be very dangerous to let a large amount of mixed standard resin (+hardener) inside the can, because it can suffer self-ignition. Traditionally, epoxy resins have been employed as paints or matrices for composite materials with different kind of fabrics (glass, carbon, aramide). In these cases, the energy released by the reaction is easily dissipated to the air because the standard thickness of these coatings is not higher than 1 mm. For a thickness higher than 10 mm requiring transparency, the overheating of the system would ruin the finishing and aesthetics, with a more than probable yellowing of the cured resin. To solve all these problems with high thickness applications (up to 60 mm) the new products GAIPOX® CASTCLEAR have been designed by Gairesa to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Low overheating in high thickness, up to 60 mm.
  • High transparency.
  • Low viscosity to avoid air bubbles inside the casting.
  • Excellent yellowing resistance under sun exposure.
  • Long working times allowing the use of large volumes of resin at once.
  • High hardness and resistance of the cured material.
  • Compatibility with metallic and universal pigments.


Belonging to the same decorative purpose, the new product GAIDUR® NANOCLEAR is suitable for works when the available time is shorter, with a faster setting time and a clear appearence giving high transparency. In this case, the chemistry of polyurethanes allows to work with very large volumes of product without overheating because the exothermicity of the chemical reaction is much lower than in epoxy resins. The biggest handicap for standard polyurethanes in the market is the bubbling effect produced during the reaction, but GAIRESA has developed an innovative system which removes, without vacuum, all bubbles up to 1-2 cm thickness. In the case you want to remove 100% of the bubbles in higher thickness is neccesary to use a vacuum pump during the reaction. Some properties of GAIDUR® NANOCLEAR are listed below:

  • Recommended thickness is 1-2 cm. For higher thickness, to get maximum transparency is necessary to use a vacuum pump to remove all bubbles.
  • Non-yellowing under UV-radiation after solar exposure.
  • High hardness and scratch resistance of the cured material.
  • Limited compatibility with some pigments.



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