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There is a ever more widely extended trend in the architecture and decoration sector towards the use of resins and technical paints to increase the quality of the works and to achieve new finishings and better looking desings. GAIRESA has always developed industrial paints with a high quality standard, but this time we have focused our developments in a high-end finish, keeping the excellent mechanical resistance in terms of abrasion and scratch properties, besides a high chemical resistance to the usual cleaning products, food or drinks. The market is demanding also deep matt finishings and we also got this point.

GAIPOX 2160 BRILLO   ••• -
GAIPOX 2160 P   ••
GAIPOX 2169W   •••
GAIDUR 2177 MATE   ••• •• ••
GAIDUR 2177 P   •• •• ••
GAIDUR P MATE   •• ••• •••

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GAIRESA's view has always been to invest in research and development, creating new products to ease and improve life and society from our field of action and trying to integrate ever more industrial actors. With this target in mind, GAIRESA has developed a new range of industrial paints with a high-end finishing. Recommended applications are floors and walls, both industrial and decorative, where high durability and mechanical resistance are required. Also, these new products are easily adaptable to each environment, thanks to the wide range of available colors, glossy or matt, smooth or rough finish, etc.

GAIPOX® 2160: two components epoxy system formulated with an "in-house developed" innovative hardener, leading to a very high chemical and scratch resistance. Transparent and colored version are available, with a nice satin finish. Comply VOCs legislation.

GAIPOX® 2169W: two components and water-based epoxy system, with short drying time and matt finish. Its soft and smooth touch makes it suitable for many decorative purposes. Also available in a wide range of colors. Odorless and water thinnable. 

GAIDUR® 2177: two components solvent-borne polyurethane system, short drying time and excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. Abrasion resistance of both, transparent and colored version, is among the best in the market. Suitable for outdoor use. Low gloss finish. Comply VOCs legislation.

GAIDUR® P MATE: two components solvent-borne polyurethane system, with deep matt finish and outstanding UV resistance (no yellowing under long sun exposure). Very high weathering resistance. Comply VOCs legislation.


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