3 December, 2018 | Composites, Resins for wood creations

As part of our philosophy of constant innovation, we have developed a new range of epoxy resins for extreme working conditions and environments. These systems are designed to achieve a rapid development of properties even at low temperatures. And all this with the versatility, durability and mechanical/thermal resistance typical of epoxy resins. BEPOX® 2222 and BEPOX® 2226 are castable products originally formulated as a fast curing alternative to flowable mortars. In any type of work, whether industrial, civil, building or renovation, the use of non-shrink flowable mortars is often required for backfilling (casing…), anchoring (reinforcement elements, prefabricated structures…) and leveling (machinery supports, benches…).

BEPOX® 2222 and BEPOX® 2226 have been tested under seismic conditions in the construction laboratory of CITEEC (associated to the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of A Coruña). The tests consisted of the chemical anchorage of corrugated steel bars in concrete blocks, subsequently subjecting the assembly to load cycles at high frequency and intensity, simulating the movements produced during an earthquake. The tensile strength obtained by the resins was maximum, causing deformation of the bar and pulling out of the concrete. In the case of the system based on BEPOX® 2226, this resistance is achieved after a time as short as 90 minutes, at 10ºC, which makes this product an ideal system for working at low temperatures or when the structure needs to be commissioned after short periods of time. Its adhesion is excellent to all common materials used in civil engineering: concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, etc.

BEPOX® 2222 is a very versatile epoxy resin with excellent rheological and adhesive characteristics, designed to bond all types of construction materials, even in wet conditions. Its effectiveness as a bonding bridge between old and fresh concrete is maximum, as well as in large prefabricated parts such as those used in the construction of bridges, tunnels or towers.

In summary, we present two new structural adhesives applicable to any of the materials used in civil engineering, with the added value of its proven resistance under seismic conditions and its ability to adapt to extreme environmental conditions, such as low temperatures and high relative humidity of the support.

As part of GAIRESA’s commitment to the quality of our products, both BEPOX® 2222 and BEPOX® 2226 have been certified with the specific CE marking for structural adhesives (EN 15274) and are continuously subjected to the most demanding quality controls defined by the regulations.