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GALEGA DE IMPERMEABILIZACIONES Y REVESTIMIENTOS ESPECIALES SA is responsible for the use of personal data within the framework of the present Policy on its use and, as such, must guarantee that its management is in compliance with applicable legislation. Thus, the new community and national regulation deems necessary the obtainment of an informed consent from users, thereby ensuring that the latter are aware of both the use made of their personal data and its purpose.
Consequently, the guidelines that follow will be of use to those cases to which Article 22, Section 2 of the LSSI may be applicable and which refers to the placement of cookies and similar technologies used in the storage and recovery of data, with the exception of those that allow for connectivity between the user´s computer system and the web, and also those that render services specifically requested by the user. In any case, it must be taken into account that any one cookie may have more than one purpose, and that whilst it may be legally exempt from one given purpose, it may, nevertheless, be legally entitled to another.
Let us now proceed with a more detailed explanation:
What are cookies? Cookies are small files that enter your computer when you surf the web. Cookies enable websites to operate, to facilitate its services and to improve the user´s online experience. In order to access and be stored in the user´s computer, cookies must first seek your consent, in which case, these will generate intrusions into your privacy. The aim of the GALEGA DE IMPERMEABILIZACIONES Y REVESTIMIENTOS ESPECIALES SA is to provide you with all the necessary information on the regulated use of cookies and their storage in your computer system.
Cookies can be the publisher´s own cookies sent to the user´s computer terminal from the former´s own computer system or domain, and which provide a service requested by the user or from third parties and which are those cookies sent to the user´s computer terminal from a computer system or domain not managed by the said publisher and which come from data obtained via cookies.
Moreover, we can make use of web beacons, which are visible or invisible electronic images found within the source code of a website in an HTML supported application or email, and which are downloaded jointly with the latter. Therefore, this provides us with information on your device, such as the IP address, the URL, the duration of the visit to the site and the Internet navigation tool used as well cookies.
There are two types of cookies, depending on how long they are kept active:

  • Persistent cookies: This is a file text sent by a web server to a web navigator and which is saved by the latter and which, unless deleted by the user, will be kept active until its due expiry date.
  • Session cookies: This type of cookie will expire when the user logs out and the navigator is shut down.

We are able to distinguish between cookies by ascertaining the end purpose of the use of the data obtained from them:

  • Technical cookies: Are those that allow us to surf the web, application, or platform and the use of options and services that may appear, such as the control of data communication and derived traffic, the identification of the online session, the access to restricted areas, the recollection of the elements that constitute a request, the carrying out of the purchase of a product, the participation in an event and the storing or sharing of contents through social networks.
  • Personalised cookies: Are those that allow the user to access services of a general nature and which are predefined in the user´s terminal in accordance to criteria, such as language, the type of navigator used to access the service, the regional configuration from where the service is accessed, etc.
  • Analytical cookies: Are cookies that allow those responsible for them to follow and analyse the behaviour of users in those websites to which these cookies are linked, (eg: Cookies from Google Analytics compiles data from the browsing of the website by the user, such as the pages most visited and their inherent errors. Its objective is the evaluation of the website and the improvement in its running.)
  • Social cookies: These are necessary for external social networks (Youtube, Facebook, Google and Twitter). These cookies are used to control the interaction with social widgets in websites. This type of cookie is used in “”, “”, “” and “” domains.

From the GALEGA DE IMPERMEABILIZACIONES Y REVESTIMIENTOS ESPECIALES SA, and in compliance with current legal normative, we are placing at your disposal information that will enable you to configure your Internet browser(s), thereby also enabling you to retain your privacy and security when it comes to cookies. In order to help you decide on whether or not to accept the use of cookies, we are enclosing below the information and links to the official support sites of the major browsers. This way, you will be able to block cookies by using the browser´s configuration tools, or to configure your browser to alert you when a server wants to store a cookie.

We use our own and third party cookies to improve our services. If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept its use.

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