About us

Gairesa was founded in 1980 with one aim: the permanent innovation in the development of polymeric formulations (coatings, waterproofing systems, paints, injection resins, composites and adhesives based on epoxy, polyurethanes, acrylates and acrylic emulsions).

Industrial sectors such as building construction, civil engineering, automotive, the ship and aircraft industry or the wind energy industry are the main destination of our products, which are formulated and produced 100% in our research, development and innovation center (R&D&I).

It’s important to mention that Gairesa has two different researching lines: On one hand there are the products developed and tested in the market, on the other hand Gairesa carries out new research projects every year as strategic objectives. These projects give an added value to our formulations leading to patented products, awards and participation in international R&D consortiums.

The know-how developed during years of research allows Gairesa to give fast answers and quality warranty to our clients. Indeed we develop tailor-made products that our clients cannot find elsewhere in the market, whose development is just within the reach of large multinational corporations.

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