24 August, 2017 | 3D floors, Decoration, Solutions

GAIPOX® 2158 UV is a high transparency epoxy resin with better yellowing resistance than standard epoxy systems, even when they include UV-absorbing additives. GAIPOX® 2158 UV is formulated with an aliphatic epoxy prepolymer, with a higher weathering resistance than standard bisphenol A epoxy included in most commercial products.

GAIRESA moves again out of the standard way with this new formulation of our R&D Department, specially designed for decorative purposes with an aliphatic epoxy resin with much higher yellowing resistance than standard products including UV-absorbing addittives. The result is a product with excellent transparency, gloss, hardness and scratch resistance, recommended as a finishing layer up to 1-2 mm thickness, acting as a protective layer for new decorative and interior designs of architects and decorators, which are trend all around the globe.

Find below blog articles showing different works you can do with our system GAIPOX® 2158 UV:

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*NOTE: Gairesa manufactures and supplies only the epoxy resin for these systems. All other components, such as vinyls, pictures, pigments, etc, may vary depending on the application and are unique responsability of the final user.