Gairesa has been present at many congresses along its history, mainly in the first years of the company when the ground of the current know-how was laid. These congresses were held in different countries of Europe and America. There, Gairesa presented many works about epoxy resins: chemical reaction kinetics, application in civil engineering, etc.


Some of these congresses are shown below:

  • "Epoxy precursors based on isosorbide: for which applications in thermosetting materials?": BIOPOL 2015, 5th International Conference on Biobased and Biodegradable Polymers (San Sebastian, October 6th-9th, 2015). (Read Abstract)
  • "Dispersion of Silver Nanofibers in Polymer Matrixes”: 6th International ECNP Conference on Nanostructured Polymers & Nanocomposites (Madrid, April 28th-30th, 2010): (Link)
  • “Mechanism of epoxy resin formation in restricted media”: Annual Meeting of the fast reactions in solution (Lisbon, August-September 1999).
  • “Free volume effects on the reaction rate epoxy-amine reactions”: International Meeting on Polymers: Synthesis, Properties and Applications (La Habana, 1-5 diciembre 1997).
  • “Kinetic considerations about the thermal ramp in epoxy-amine systems”: II National Composite Material Congress (Madrid, November 25th-28th, 1997).
  • “Influence of the benzyl alcohol on the reactivity ratio, secondary amine/primary amine, in the cure of epoxy amine. Case applications: Coating for drinking water” Epoxy Technologies for Ambient Cure Protective Coatings (Brussels, May 12th-14th, 1997).


(*) More details of the congresses are available under request.