The research experience of Gairesa is recognised every day by our clients, who trust in our know-how to solve their problems. Furthermore, Gairesa is very proud of have achieved two awards, the first one given by a scientific association and the second one by the regional government of Galicia. Both of them have acknowledged the importance of R&D on the road to success.

•    Ignacio Ribas Marqués Award 2003. Prize awarded by the Chemists College of Galicia to the Innovation and Scientific-Technical Dissemination, because of the work: “Design of a new epoxy formulation for the manufacture of prepregs for the wind energy industry”. (Link)

•    Galicia Business Innovation Award 2000. Prize awarded by Xunta de Galicia to recognize the innovator effort of private companies. (Link 1, Link 2)

(*) More details of the awards are available under request.