New high hardness fast epoxy coating: passable for persons and light traffic after just 2 hours

by in Productos on 18 April, 2016

GAIRESA launches a new epoxy coating, unique on the market: GAIKOL® DX 2088 R. Highlights: high gloss, outstanding hardness, excellent abrasion resistance, as well as high chemical resistance. Nevertheless, the most surprising feature is its fast drying time: ready to be put into service in less that 2 hours!

The most recommended applications for this new product are, among others:

  • floors needing to be trafficable in a short period of time,
  • coatings requiring an outstanding abrasion resistance,
  • works at low temperatures.

The adherence of GAIKOL® DX 2088 R is excellent on multiple substrates. This kind of applications always require the use of specific primers depending on the substrate. GAIRESA recommmends an epoxy primer like BEPOX® 1706 or BEPOX® 1601 for applications on concrete. For metals such as steel the previous application of GAIBRIDGE® 11 as coupling agent is also highly recommended. In both cases, the adhesion is improved when such primers are used, considerably extending the durability and quality of the coating.