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Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Banco Santander, in collaboration with the Regional Chambers of Commerce, announced by mid 2018 the second edition of the "Award SME of the Year". These awards are intended to recognize the labour of small and medium enterprises and its contribution to job and wealth creation. Besides the main award to the best SME of the year, there are also three second prizes: Internationalization; Digitalization & Innovation; and Training & Employment.

These awards choose the best SME in each Spanish province, and every awarded company competes in a national round to select the best SME in Spain.

GAIRESA has been selected as the best SME in the category of INTERNATIONALIZATION, thanks to the success during last year in terms of exports over the total turnover, multiplying by 3 the previous year and by 40 since 5 years ago.


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Last years have seen an increasing interest in epoxy resins for decorative purposes, due to its versatility and the power of social networks. From the famous "river-tables" to jewllery, kitchen countertops, metallic floors, colored sand floors, surfboards, etc.

Gairesa, as one of the main international epoxy resins producer, has addapted its know-how to the clients demand and, eventhough decoration is not our natural field of work, we have formulated a new range of products easily adaptable to different applications: GAIPOX® CASTCLEAR and GAIDUR® NANOCLEAR are new-born brands in GAIRESA's brochure to address new trends in decoration, architecture, furniture and refurbishment. Quality and durability are their main characteristics.

R&D intervew in press together with PHYSICS NOBEL PRIZE

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GAIRESA has shown again how important is our activity in the national scientific spectra, as co-starring in a special newspaper release about R&D published on February 26th 2018 in one of the most important Spanish newspaper (ABC). The main starring of this newspaper supplement is the Nobel Prize winner and Japanese physicist Shuji Nakamura. In this special newspaper you can also read an interview with Dr. Senén Paz Abuín, director of GAIRESA, talking about past, present and future of the company, highlighting our commitment with sustainable chemistry.


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There is a ever more widely extended trend in the architecture and decoration sector towards the use of resins and technical paints to increase the quality of the works and to achieve new finishings and better looking desings. GAIRESA has always developed industrial paints with a high quality standard, but this time we have focused our developments in a high-end finish, keeping the excellent mechanical resistance in terms of abrasion and scratch properties, besides a high chemical resistance to the usual cleaning products, food or drinks. The market is demanding also deep matt finishings and we also got this point.

GAIPOX 2160 BRILLO   ••• -
GAIPOX 2160 P   ••
GAIPOX 2169W   •••
GAIDUR 2177 MATE   ••• •• ••
GAIDUR 2177 P   •• •• ••
GAIDUR P MATE   •• ••• •••

KEY:   • not recommended,  •• good,   ••• very good



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New GAIDUR® 2198 is a self-leveling coating based on a 2K aromatic polyurethane, with a high impact resistance and an outstanding toughness. GAIDUR® 2198 is a two component formulation, with a short drying time suitable to put in service after a few hours since the application.

Recommended applications are sport floors, commercial areas, waterproofing of decks and terraces, etc. GAIDUR® 2198 acts as a semi-elastic layer able to absorb shocks and bumps, but also small structural movements.

GAIDUR® 2198 is available in a wide range of colors but our recommendention is to use a protective finishing layer to improve the weathering resistance (for example, an aliphatic polyurethane like GAIDUR® P).

This product is certified with CE mark EN 13813:2014.



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GAIPOX® 2158 UV is a high transparency epoxy resin with better yellowing resistance than standard epoxy systems, even when they include UV-absorbing additives. GAIPOX® 2158 UV is formulated with an aliphatic epoxy prepolymer, with a higher weathering resistance than standard bisphenol A epoxy included in most commercial products.

GAIRESA moves again out of the standard way with this new formulation of our R&D Department, specially designed for decorative purposes with an aliphatic epoxy resin with much higher yellowing resistance than standard products including UV-absorbing addittives. The result is a product with excellent transparency, gloss, hardness and scratch resistance, recommended as a finishing layer up to 1-2 mm thickness, acting as a protective layer for new decorative and interior designs of architects and decorators, which are trend all around the globe.

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